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The most watched Telugu movies of all time

  • Sebastian PC 524

The story revolves around a well-meaning millennial named Sebastian, whose late mother, Rohini, is his world. Before dying, Rohini asks Sebastian to safeguard his police job by hiding the truth about his night blindness. Within a few days of posting in Madanapalle, Chittoor, Sebastian hears about the murder of a young woman named Neelima. Thereupon Sebastian undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that justice prevails against all odds. Will he achieve his objective?

  • Super Over

Being childhood friends, Madhu, Vaasu, and Kaasi lead a carefree life. One fine day, Madhu started indulging himself in cricket betting to resolve his financial problems. By the end of the premiere league season, he earns a surplus amount, and his friends Kaasi and Vaasu become a part of it. The main storyline starts at this point when they find themselves trapped by engaging with a bookie. What kind of trouble do they encounter to get back their money?

  • Manchi Rojulochaie

The story revolves around a couple (Santu and Padma) trapped in a tussle to convince Padma’s father, Gopal Tirumalasetti, so that he accepts them as husband and wife. Gopal feels overprotective toward his daughter; on the contrary, Padma and Santu are in deep love. Unfortunately, Gopal’s friends leaked this love story and convinced Gopal that Padma was messing up her life by falling in love with Santu. Thereby, Gopal starts forming hurdles in his daughter’s love story. How will Santu convince his future father-in-law to enter wedlock with his love Padma?

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